Cybersecurity Topics: Decoding the Terms

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Software Security and Inventory Terms

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TermFull NameOverviewMore details
AdvisorySecurity AdvisoryAn official statement or communication from an organization, often related to a security vulnerability or issue, which provides information, guidance, or mitigation about a threat.
CVECommon Vulnerabilities and ExposuresAn identifier given to a unique vulnerability in software, which allows for tracking and addressing vulnerabilities in a standardized manner. Often maintained by the Mitre Corporation and used globally as a standard for identifying vulnerabilities.MITRE's CVE Overview
CWECommon Weakness EnumerationA community-developed list of software security weaknesses. It serves as a common language for describing vulnerabilities in architectural, design, or code level. It also provides a standardized measurement for software vulnerabilities and their severity.MITRE's CWE Introduction
CycloneDXCycloneDXA lightweight software bill of materials (SBOM) standard format designed for use in application security contexts and supply chain component reviews.CycloneDX Details
CycloneDX VEXCycloneDX Vulnerability Exploitability ExchangeAn extension of CycloneDX for conveying the exploitability details of specific software vulnerabilities.CycloneDX VEX Details
EPSSExploit Prediction Scoring SystemA system designed to predict the likelihood that a vulnerability will be exploited in the wild within the next 12 months. It provides organizations a metric to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their risk of exploitation rather than just their severity.FIRST's EPSS Overview
OpenVEXOpen Vulnerability Exploitability ExchangeA format for conveying the details of how specific software vulnerabilities can be exploited.OpenVEX Details
SCASoftware Composition AnalysisAn automated process that identifies open source components in software, often used to discover licensing and security issues.SCA Details
SBOMSoftware Bill of MaterialsA list detailing components that make up software; essentially an "ingredients list" for software.SBOM Details
SLSASupply-chain Levels for Software ArtifactsA framework used to describe the assurance of software artifacts based on the robustness of their software supply chain.SLSA Details
SPDXSoftware Package Data ExchangeA standard format for communicating software bill of materials information including component license, copyright, and security details.SPDX Overview
VDRVulnerability Disclosure ReportA report detailing vulnerabilities in software, often issued by security researchers or organizations after a discovery and subsequent vendor coordination for a fix.VDR Overview
VEXVulnerability Exploitability eXchangeA format for conveying the details of how specific software vulnerabilities can be exploited.VEX Details
VulnerabilityA weakness or flaw in software, hardware, or online service that can be exploited to perform unauthorized actions within a computer system.
Software Supply Chain security and SBOMs