What is SBOM Observer?

SBOM Observer makes regulatory compliance easy, sharpens focus on vulnerability management, and seamlessly connects your operational model to software inventory.

With wide support for various programming languages and operating systems, and different types of attestations, SBOM Observer is perfect for companies looking to manage a continuous stream of SBOMs from internal CI/CD pipelines, open source repositories, or software vendors.

Why SBOM Observer?

All-in-one SBOM Management

SBOM Observer offers a full workflow for managing SBOMs, from collection to analysis to sharing. This helps you keep an eye on all software components in your products and spot any potential vulnerabilities or compliance issues.

Supports a variety of ecosystems and manages SBOMs in different formats at scale.

Policy Engine

Define and enforce policies for vulnerabilities, deployments, data flow, and ownership with SBOM Observer's policy engine. This helps ensure your software supply chain is secure and compliant with your organization's policies.

Stay on top of what's crucial for your organization, whether it's staying compliant with regulations or being alerted about critical vulnerable components.

Operational Model

SBOM Observer's operational model links your internal view of teams, services, applications, containers, and deployments with the inventory from SBOMs and other tools. This helps you track releases, manage PII, and implement targeted policies.

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