Learning - Software Supply Chain Security Essentials

Navigating the complexities of software supply chain security can be daunting. This is where our Learning section steps in, offering a consolidated resource for understanding the intricate dynamics of supply chain security.

Whether you are exploring the fundamentals of SBOM, delving into the specifics of CycloneDX and SPDX, or looking to stay updated on mandates such as EO14028 and NIS2, we've got you covered.

The learning section will over time be extended with more relevant topics and updates related to cybersecurity regulations, directives and rules.

What does our Learning section cover?

  • In-depth Coverage: Grasp foundational concepts and advanced topics alike, from SBOMs and SCA to the intricacies of VEX and VDR
  • Cybersecurity Mandates: Stay informed and compliant. Our guides on mandates like EO14028, NIS2, SEC Cyber Rules, and the Cyber Resilience Act will give you a good start and point you to relevant up to date resources.
  • Unified Knowledgebase: Bringing together the SBOM Observer Documentation and insights on supply chain security topics, this section is your one-stop destination for enriched learning.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure a robust and secure software supply chain. Reliably. Thoroughly.

Using SBOM Observer

Step-by-step guides to get started with SBOM Observer

Integration with CI/CD

Learn how SBOM Observer can help you with your software composition analysis.