SBOM Observer Documentation

SBOM Observer is designed to manage large volumes of SBOM documents, a critical capability for enterprises dealing with extensive internal and vendor-supplied software components. The platform is tailored for security, compliance, and development teams.

By streamlining SBOM workflows and offering a comprehensive view of software components across all versions and services in different environments, SBOM Observer addresses the complexities of managing substantial SBOM inventories ensuring efficiency and security at scale.

What makes SBOM Observer exceptional?

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA): SBOM Observer offers full SCA capabilities and also integrates seamlessly with your existing CI/CD pipelines, offering profound insights throughout the software supply chain.
  • Policy Compliance: Guarantees a secure and compliant software supply chain by allowing advanced and detailed policy definitions and enforcements, ranging from vulnerability assessments to data flow regulations.
  • SBOM Workflow: Systematically collects, manages, and circulates SBOMs, while persistently monitoring for vulnerabilities and compliance discrepancies.

For those eager to dive in, our Documentation section provides a clear roadmap on how to get started and how to integrate with you CI/CD pipeline. Trust SBOM Observer for complete management of your software components and a fortified security foundation. At scale.

Using SBOM Observer

Step-by-step guides to get started with SBOM Observer

Integration with CI/CD

Learn how to integrate SBOM Observer in your CI/CD Pipeline

Using Policies

Learn how to use policies to automate security

Coverage & Compatibility

Check SBOM Observer's coverage and compatibility for your needs